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Norton Museum by Foster and Partners: Making ART is challenging, but making ART with building museum of art is certainly hard. Foster chose to produce a easy making where in fact the magic is centered on the surrounded all-forms of art. Not merely satisfying the eyes of the visitors, but also merging it with beauty and comfort.
Three double-height pavilions united under an individual metallic ceiling cover and a distributed scheme of white stone creating a touch between people and nature. Visitors may see through the entire building using a new translucent grand hall with refurbished glass and metal courtyard doors. The rounded roof has a gap which became a protection for the limbs of an adult ficus tree and a further gentle properly over the lobby.
Foster‘s master approach helps the growth of the Norton to be executed as time passes, with the reconfiguration and expansion of the existing museum to build the landmark Dixie Travel pavilions and the new community amenities in just a lush backyard setting. It'll build their key principles: the sympathetic placing of a ‘museum in a garden ', with the original axial agreement re-established to unify the visitor's experience and the generation of new public facilities. Using the California environment, the landscaping of the gardens and the main courtyard incorporates native trees and flowers to provide shaded pathways, and the former parking ton is converted in to a new sculpture lawn.
"The Norton is one of Florida's most significant cultural institutions and features a great place in one's heart of West Side Beach. Our method is a party of the neighborhood landscape and architecture. The gardens is likely to be planted with native woods and plants and the masterplan strengthens the elegant formation of the original museum, redefining their relationship with the city with a inviting new street frontage. The project mixes old and new and continues our explorations in to the museum in a yard placing, which began with the Sainsbury Heart and has now embraced the Museum of Great Arts in Boston – it is a exciting, multi-faced challenge", described Lord Foster.
Mainly, museums signify the face area of the considerations it possesses, this time Foster chose to place the stress inside the museum and created a straightforward building.

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