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starfall 2 gamesTo Prevent The Junk Messages in The Game
Messaging in the default channel, all public channels along with private messages is limited to be sure that it's not at all possible to continually repeat identical, similar or nonsensical statements inside a short time period ("spamming"). This measure ensures the quantity of text displayed inside the game doesn't get unreasonably out of control. More precisely, all entries are monitored to be sure no player writes many line of text every Starfall 2 Games.5 seconds on an extended time period. Characters that repeatedly exceed this limit is going to be temporarily muted. During the time that the character is muted any text you enter won't be displayed, as well as a message inside game window will inform you your character continues to be muted. Please note that it is not possible for muted characters to create private messages to other players or cast spells. To prevent potential problems each player features a buffer of four lines of text that may be entered without delay. This buffer is going to be reduced by one for each and every line that is entered, but it continually refills at a rate of 2.5 seconds before maximum of 4 lines is reached. However, when the buffer continues to be emptied, i.e. when 4 lines of text happen to be entered in rapid succession, it is just a good option to slow down because otherwise your character is going to be temporarily muted.The amount of time through which players are muted depends upon the frequency of which they have exceeded the interest rate limit already. More precisely, characters will likely be muted for 5 seconds multiplied with the square variety of times they have exceeded the limit inside the last hours. Once the mute status is finished the buffer will probably be full again. The amount of times the limit has become exceeded will likely be recorded from the server, so relogging a character will not assist in reducing the mute punishment.In addition to this spam control feature, addititionally there is another limitation to stop players from sending excessive numbers of private messages to numerous different players within short amounts of time. If you send private messages to a lot more than 20 different characters within ten minutes, your character will likely be muted as described above.Note: Players can nonetheless be banished by gamemasters for spamming if they circumvent the automatic spam control and repeat identical, similar or nonsensical statements in a short time or use badly formatted text.

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