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Beijing, the heart of China, tourism hub and bustling city teeming with people and sound, is a tourism, political, cultural and economical center of China witnessing the presence of numerous royal buildings with long history endow it with incomparable charm. The beautiful city has been presenting its best fashion fascination to the world; while keeping tourist enticed and busy to explore some of the best destinations of the world - mainly - the Great Wall of China - A UNESCO World Heritage Site and One of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is the only visible man-made thing from moon at earth. The cosmopolitan city is the capital of China witnessing a heavy influx of tourists from across the world. Beijing tours take you to the wonderland that will surprise you.

Top 10 Attractions to Explore during Beijing Tours

Badaling - It is the easiest site to access the Great Wall of China from Beijing. Here, you will see the views of du lịch bắc kinh Great Wall - the World�s longest outdoor museum that has been snaking through the mountains.

Forbidden City is one of the greatest palaces similar in rank with Kremlin, Buckingham Palace and Versailles! It is the most popular tourist attraction in Beijing where tourists from across the world come to visit during their Beijing tour.

Summer Palace - It is located 15 km from central Beijing dominated by the Longevity Hill and Kunming Lake. It was used as a summer residence by China�s Imperial rulers - as a retreat from the Forbidden City.

Temple of Heaven - It is regarded as a Taoist Temple. The Temple of Heaven is a beautiful site surrounded by a vast public park. It is a must see destination during your holidays in China and Beijing tour.

Gulou and Zhonglou, also called as Drum and Bell Towers is the perfect instance of ancient architectural beauty

798 Art District - It is an avant-garde art district. It is a beehive of artistic activity.

Nanluoguxiang, located at the short walk from Drum Tower, is Yuppie Street of the capital city of China to explore during your Beijing tour. Nightlife and trendy restaurant as well as bars attract people here.

Lama Temple or the Yonghe Lama Temple (palace of peace and harmony) is in the northeastern part of Beijing - counted as one of the largest Tibetan Buddhist Monasteries in the world.

Beihai Park - A must-see and a delight to visit any time of the year, Beihai Park attract both tourists and locals for ice skating on the lake in winter and strolling around in the spring. It has a Tibetan-Style white Dagoba Temple on Qionghua Island.

Tiananmen Square - It is the largest city square in the world surrounded by Soviet-style monuments and government buildings. Don�t miss a flag raising and lowering ceremony at dawn and dusk at the north-end of the square.

There are numerous wonderful destinations to explore during your holidays in China that will surprise you and persuade you to enjoy the best time in a memorable way. You have to choose the right packages according to your choice to explore them.

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