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Chemical production to locations with explosive, high temperature and high pressure, corrosive, toxic and other characteristics. Safe and stable operation is a basic requirement for continuous operation of chemical lead salicylate production facilities, and on this basis in order to further the pursuit of economic efficiency of enterprises, or the accident-prone, producing an unstable state in frequent stop of accidental loss of equipment, materials and non-normal consumption is bound to the enterprise's economic interests are affected.

In recent years, chemical companies to carry out quality control work of a general increase in the products formed in the process of quality management and process management as the core of this work. Theory research and Practice of process management in the production process in the chemical industry in recent years have made some progress, and accumulated a lot of good experience and practice. However, from the overall situation in terms of process management is still in low level, there are some problems to be solved.

There are following problems in the management processes of fine chemicals suppliers: very unbalanced development is summed up in four areas: a hierarchy of differences due to different industries and businesses, the depth of process management. Different understanding of the depth of process management, from exposure to the enterprise, some quality control department, actually no one can say that the concept of clear process management. Enterprises in mechanically, mainly the pursuit of form, one is anxious, love short cuts. Trace of poor process management processes for different industries to move to the unit. Is not seriously study the theoretical knowledge, with a smattering of knowledge, not for the practical application, but only to form. Third, organic skin care (https://elementos.co) to cope with a variety of inspection, acceptance, or quality certification to engage in superfluous.

In general, machining object has direct contact with the determination of its quality characteristics for the direct determination and use of physical means. The majority of the objects of the chemical production are not directly in contact, the determination of its quality characteristics are mostly indirect and more chemical methods. Some units in the chemical enterprise in copper chromite (CC) process management neglect or simply do not know the industry differences, to force the process management model of the mechanical industry consulting, inspection, diagnosis and divorced from reality.

In summary, the process management is the core of manufacturing quality management. The characteristics of chemical production determine that the chemical process management will have its unique pattern. Only we highlight practical factors management and make the factors management consciously throughout the process analysis, process control and work improvement, it will make the chemical process management becoming innovative and improve. Thus it can create the process management model with chemical characteristics of.website and management of China's fine chemical industry

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