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The head massage is the best massage to grow hair on the head. Soft pressure massage is the best massage to grow hair on the body.

If you massage your scalp will your hair grow longer and faster?
Yes, a good hair massage helps hair grow longer & faster.

Will hair serum help to grow hair?
Products doesn't do anything for how fast your hair will grow. They do make your hair feel good and style better. The best way to stimulate the hair growth is scalp massage. Try not to put products on your scalp, it is not good for it.

What products can you use to make your hair grow faster?
There is a homeopathic pill called silicea. But it will make ALL your hair grow ALL OVER .Also shampoos with panthenol. But the best treatment to make you hair grow faster is to massage shampoo, then conditioner it to scalp.

What are then Effects of rotary hair massage?
stimulates the hair and therefore makes it grow

How do you make hair grow back faster?
head massage,hair mask and vitamins

What can you buy to get your hair to grow quicker?
massage the scalp when you wash your hair. take vitamins.

How can you make hair grow fast?
By massage with mustard oil

What do you do to grow facial hair?
You regularly clean, massage and shave your facial hair to stimulate growing..

How can you grow your hair long?
Massage a good herbal oil into your scalp, there is one that I use that has been tested and proven to grow long hair.

How do you make your hair grow longer fast?
When washing u can massage your hair to stimulate the follicles. It helped me :)

How can I make my hair silky without styling it?
Olive oil. Massage olive oil in your hair.... btw, it will also make your hair grow

How to grow thicker hair within two months with home remedies?
Massage your scalp with shampoo with your palms while you wash your hair, that way it stimulates the roots and encourages your hair to grow out faster.

What oils helps your hair grow or conditioner or shampoo or even food helps your hair grow?
castor oil is the best,apply it to your scalp and massage it 10 minutes at night then wash it when you wake up,but only wash your hair twice a week. the foods that makes your hair grow proteins,sea food,green vegetables , food rich in vitamin a,b,e,biotin ,zinc and a plenty of water.

Does extra virgin olive oil help grow hair?
Yes Olive Oil is good for the hair depends on how you do for example, you have to massage it into the scalp to grow it out fast .Olive Oil make your hair shiny and prevents hair growth.

What is the fastest way to grow your hair?
come your hair every nightand every week massage your scalp with warm olive oil

Does brushing and massaging your hair stimulate hair growth?
Yes. If you massage the scalp you promote blood flow and this makes the hair grow a little quicker and it is healthier.

What helps hair grow?
When your washing your hair with shampoo, massage your scalp. It does something to make your hair grow faster and longer. Also put your head upside down for a few minutes. Probably about 3-4 it makes the blood go up to your head then makes your hair grow.

What is the fastest way to grow facial hair?
get a scalp massage and sit in the sun eat ing licorice.

When and how rotary massage techniques be used on the hair?
you use this technique when shampooing and conditioning.This is quick small circular movements that stimulate the hair and there for make it grow

How fast does it take your hair to grow?
It grows at approximately 1/2 an inch per month, and if you massage your scalp daily it will grow 5% faster.

How do you grow faster long hair for healthy males?
Eat healthy foods, massage your scalp, exercise regularly.

How do get my hair to grow?
to make your hair grow faster and stronger, you need to look after them very neatly and 강서구출장안마 properly, here are some tips to help you: don't apply much heat on your hair eat fruits, but carrots are the very best. cut the tip of your hair after every 6 months, to don't make them split at the end. Tye up your hair when you when you go to bed. massage your scalp every day. if..

r>How do you grow hair 2 inches of hair in three days?r>Well first you can massage your saclp for about 5-10 minutes each day. Second when you condition your hair you can put your hair in a plastic cap. Third hang your head upside down for about 30 seconds. but your hair wont grow that fast still its impossible

r>What are the effects on the hair after rotary massage?r>how does rotary massage effect the hair and scal

r>What possible ways can your penis grow?r>my best suggestion is to apply french oil and massage regularl

r>I have relaxed hair and it's nice but i would like it to be longer maybe shoulder length sometime around summer how can i get my hair to grow faster and longer
r>Massage you scalp with your finger tips

r>Does braiding your hair make it grow?r>There is no evidence to prove that braiding your hair will make it grow. Hair styles will not promote or retard hair growth. Hair pulled tight into a bun or dreadlocks can do more damage than good by actually breaking the hair. Free flowing hair is more inclined to stay healthy and therefore grow better. --- Actually braiding your hair does help your hair grow because the less you comb your hair the more it..

r>Hair massage techniques?r>Hair massage is not a technique. Scalp massage is the technique you are thinking of. Scalp massage techniques help to relax a client and stimulate proper blood flow in the scalp

r>What is the best way to make your hair grow faster?r>It's simple, brush your hair a lot. seriously it helps it grow

r>Does washing your hair with egg help it grow?r>I don't know if your suppost to do that but i know a few other ways to make your hair grow faster. 1. Bend over and brush your hair with it flipped to the under side 2. sleep. i know you might think it's weird but sleeping actually makes your hair grow some how 3. massage your head while putting shampoo and conditioner in your hair when you're taking a showe

r>What is the best hair product makes your hair grow?r>Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oi

r>What fruits help your hair grow?r>Coconut oil is really the best for hair

r>Can you use regular vitamin e oil on hair daily?r>I heard some people do that and they say it helps the hair grow. Personality, i never tried it but I'm sure it won't damage the hair. what you could do is apply it after shower and massage your scalp and the ends of your hair

r>Which vitamin is the best to make your hair grow faster?r>Fish Oil, Vitamin E is best, anything that strengthens ur nails will protect and grow your hair (and keep it from falling out

r>How do you get your hair to grow faster without changing your diet?r>It is difficult to change the rate that your hair grows, there are no guarantees. Some shampoos and conditioners have ingredients meant to stimulate the scalp, and gentle scalp massage can help keep your hair follicles active

r>How can you make your hair grow fast in 2 months?r>yes you can but you need to change how you look after it firstly wash your hair every 2 days do not brush your hair when it is wet also,don't use any heat to your hair in order not to damage your hair everyday after shower massage your scalp

r>How do you make hair thick again?r>Ways to make the hair grow thicker: 1. Eat foods rich in Vitamin A, C and H, iron and zinc. 2. Massage coconut oil or almond oil on scalp, leave it on for 20 minutes before washing. 3. Massage mayonnaise on your hair. Wait for at least 1 hour before rinsing with shampoo and conditioner

r>How can you grow short hair faster and longer?r>Well get your hair trimmed a lot is my best answer

r>What is the best way to get long emo hair from short thick hair?r>By letting it grow

r>How do you make your hair grow faster naturrally?r>You should use vitamin H (also known as biotin), vitamin C, coconut oil. You can try scalp massage. There are a lot of hair masks (search in Youtube)

r>How can you make hair grow?r>It depends on ur hair type and how you are taking care of it now.......you can regularly massage ur scalp and take vitamins and DO NOT wash ur hair daily maybe ever other day(that's what I do) I hoped all that work

r>What is the best way to cut your hair if you are trying to grow it?r>Straight across with no layers! This way the hair grows even and your not waiting for layers to grow in

r>Is it true that pee helps your hair grow faster and longer?r>No that is not true. What is true is that when you wash your hair it is best to rub your scalp and get the soap in your scalp. That is what makes hair grow faster

r>What are some good products to use for hair growth?r>Some good hair products you can use to help your hair grow are, olive oil hair products, coconut hair products. But the best way to make your hair grow is to care for it correctly. What I mean by that is when you detangle it, it's best to use some type of detangular and a wide tooth comb is the best to use

r>What will make hair grow?r>well you can eat a lot of jello and bacon that's what i am doing. also when i don't have to go anywhere i let my hair get all greasy so the hair wont break of that easily. also massage you head for about 5 min. you can do this when you are watching tv or something. P.S i read somewhere that if you eat a lot of yeast it makes you hair grow slowe

r>What is the best way to put conditioner in your hair?r>The only part of your hair that needs to be conditioned is the out side of it and the middle lengths and ends of your hair. The best way to put it on is to put a teaspoon full amount on the palm of your hands, massage it into your palms and run your fingers through your hair from the middle to the ends

r>How do you grow your hair longer quickly?r>The best way to get long hair quickly is to have hair extensions put in. In lieu of that, taking vitamins and eating right is the best way to help hair grow. Specifically, taking biotin or prenatal vitamins are a good idea because they are great for healthy hair growth

r>How do you make short hair grow longer?r>Wash your hair twice a week, condition it and leave for atleast 3 mins before washing it off leave in some olive oil in your hair before washing and massage your head to stimulate blood flo

r>How do you make your hair grow longer?r>Exposure to strong sunlight on a daily basis and certain vitamin supplements have been known to increase hair growth. Regular massage of the area/s in question should stimulate growth to

r>How you can get long hair?r>Brush it often and when you do brush it while bending over so that circulation can get to your hair follicles so that they grow. Eat heaps of protein (beans and tofu). Massage your scalp every night. Hope I helped

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