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Beijing, China’s famed capital is undoubtedly one of the world’s great cities. The city is renowned as the political, cultural and educational centre of the People’s Republic of China. Beijing has gained international fame for its magnificent palaces, temples and immense stone parapets and gates. It also contains universities and art riches that consolidate its status as a hub of art and culture.

Beijing contains many historic temples that have the status of cultural treasures. One of the most renowned of these is the Bai Ta Si or White Dagoba Temple. A Liao dynasty construction, this is the largest Tibetan style pagoda in China with a height of 51m. It was designed by an architect from Nepal more than 700 years ago for Kublai Khan, the Mongol emperor who converted to Tibetan Buddhism. The temple contains a multitude of precious Buddhist statues and silk hangings featuring Buddhist images.

The du lịch bắc kinh Baiyuan Guan is the most popular Daoist temple in Beijing. This expansive compound, reputedly built in 739 AD, is still filled with devotees who enthusiastically petition the gods of wealth. The monks in blue robes keep their hair in the traditional manner – long and gathered into a bun at the crown of the head.

Fahai Si, an early Ming period temple, is renowned for its priceless collection of Buddhist art. Artists and craftsmen from the Imperial court were commissioned to produce the striking statues and murals. The artistic brushwork, particularly in intricate detail is considered to be exceptional.

The Lidai Diwang Miao – Temple of Past Emperors – was used in a manner very different from Buddhist temples. This was the site where Qing and Ming emperors made sacrifices to appease the spirits of former emperors. It has now been restored with modern innovations like touch screen displays.

The Tai Miao complex was once the most revered site in imperial Beijing. The only surviving imperial ancestral hall left in China, this imposing architectural masterpiece leaves no doubt that du lịch bắc kinh this was a site for royalty. Presently the area can be explored at leisure as the area is rarely crowded.

When selecting a Beijing luxury hotel, the discerning traveller will choose Shangri-La Beijing. One of the premier establishments among Beijing luxury hotels, the Shangri-La provides sumptuous accommodation, delectable dining and a superior standard of service.

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